My Wife's Family

My wife is one of 13 children.  Her grandfather was Harry F. Rudd who was a renown artist whose artwork was featured on covers of The Saturday Evening Post in 1925 and Liberty magazine in 1934. As a photographer as well as an artist and illustrator, Harry F. Rudd often used his family as models for his paintings and illustrations. He would pose them and photograph them and then use the photograph as a reference for his paintings.

Harry F. Rudd was honored with a medal  for submitting an essay about Mt. Rushmore. When the famous landmark was completed, a national newspaper held a contest for essays about the monument. The winning essay would be inscribed on a plaque at Mt. Rushmore. While Harry did not win, he was one of the finalists and awarded the medal for his efforts. His family donated the medal to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial where it is on display as the only one they know of that still exists.


Works by Harry F Rudd


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