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My Great Grandfather, James B. Young  1837-1925
My Grandparents
Joel Alfonzo Young 1875-1943
    Zella Victoria Green 1840-1924
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My Great Grandparents.
Joseph Cicero Green and Mary Ann Tunstall Green and their 60th wedding anniversary in 1939
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My Mother, Doris Young Carter in 1929 at the age of 16 Doris1929.jpg (55244 bytes)
Young family at Harriet's funeral in 1904.
L to R: Fon Young, Bill Young, Melvin Young, Nan Cummings, James Young, Laura Payton, Amanda Jane Patterson, Less Young, Dee Payton, Mary Mahurian
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Jim Young's Family.
Left to right: Bill Young, Russel Decker, Dale, Fon Young, Mae, Garnett (Foreman Dunn), Walter Young, Ruby Young (Edwards), Ike Young. Sitting: Jim Young
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