I canít say enough about how much I enjoy my fish, and the pond and flowers in general. My wife and I love to sit by the pond on warm summer evenings and watch the fish, listen to the babble of the water, and generally just take in the beauty and relax. Itís wonderfully peaceful. The sound of the water just mellows you right out. 

I have found that the pond has required little maintenance and provided unending beauty and enjoyment. It has become an on-going project for me. I intend to expand my garden a little every year. I am considering expanding the pond in the future. I am totally hooked. I cannot imagine living anywhere without my pond now that I have experienced it. While I still do not consider myself a true gardener because there seems to be so much that I donít know about gardening, I am incredibly pleased with my success to this point. We had an abundance of flowers and plants that grew and multiplied with just a little routine care such as watering and some occasional fertilizer or plant food. A few plants didnít make it but that was expected. Most did very well.

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