Finishing Touches

Lights greatly enhance the beauty of the pond. I installed a set of 12 low-voltage lights around the perimeter of the pond. They are on a timer so that they automatically come on at dusk and turn off around midnight. They are not very bright and provide just enough light to see your way around the pond, highlight some of the plants, and provide nice reflections off of the water. Low-voltage light lights are not very expensive and easy to install. I paid about $30 for my light kit including the lights, wiring, transformer and timer.

I also installed an underwater light, which shines up through the water and onto my waterfall. It is a really striking effect. The lights come with colored filters for a variety of effects. I use a red filer on mine and it is really beautiful. Underwater lights are more expensive (about $60 for one) but I highly recommend using at least one. This winter when the pond was frozen over, the red light looked really neat growing under the ice. You can also get floating lights, which make a nice effect in some ponds.

I also put a couple of Tiki torches and candles around the pond, which add a nice touch.

Everybody puts some silly little figurines around their pond. Iím no different. I have a large stone head (Easter Island replica), a concrete alligator, a couple of frogs, a gargoyle, a little lighthouse, and a turtle that spits water. I like them.   


There is an enormous variety of plants that you can plant around and IN you pond.

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