In the pond.

We planted a number of Irises, water lilies, water lettuce, and hyacinth. Again, I do not by any means consider myself an expert gardener so I do not feel qualified to offer advice. I will, however, tell you what we did and what we learned.

Water Hyacinth: These plants simply float freely in you pond. They have large green leaves and occasionally produced incredibly beautiful blue blossoms that last for a few days. This plant is an excellent natural water filter and itís long floating roots make good spawning ground for fish. They seem to do well in full sun or shade. My pond is in full sun and my Hyacinth produced numerous blooms over the summer. My plants multiplied rapidly but never grew very big. On the other hand, my in-laws have Hyacinths in a shady pond and while they produced fewer blooms, but they grew to enormous size. Only buy one or two because these things multiply like you wonít believe. You will soon be thinning them out on a regular basis. They will not survive cold weather but are cheap to replace each spring.   

Water lettuce: These are small floating plants that multiply rapidly so only get a couple to start with. They have flat green leaves and do not bloom.

Water Lilies: There is large variety of Water Lilies available both in hardy and tropical varieties. As the name implies, hardy lilies are more enduring and can survive the winter. They are generally cheaper than tropical lilies. Water Lilies produce a wide variety of beautiful blossoms in various colors. Some are day-bloomers, some are night bloomers. When they bloom, the bloom will open and close each day and the blooms will last for a few days. Water Lilies are planted in pots and placed in the bottom or on a shelf in your pond. Like Hyacinth and Water Lettuce, they provide good shade to the pond and help to keep your pondís ecology in check.   

Iris: These are potted marginal plants that you would place on the underwater plant shelf. I have had mixed success with Iris. Some grew well and produced pretty yellow blooms and others did not grow at all.

Blue Bells: This is a shallow water plant that produces numerous tiny, delicate blue trumpet-like flowers. Very nice.

Cattails: I have planted a couple but have not yet had one to grow.

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