Dragon Lord

Fantasy Series #: 7
Year Released: 1996
Length Overall: 14"
Blade: 8"
UC-898     Dragon Lord - Handle: Maroon ABS - 7500 Made
UC-898G  Dragon Lord Gold - Handle: Maroon ABS - 1500 made
UC-898E   Dragon Lord European Version: Has shorter spike under the handle - 3000 made.

There was at least one special run of 400 knives etched with "The Edge Company Special Series" released sometime in the 1990s. See pictures at the bottom of this page.


Dragon Lord Collectors Pin

Dragon Lord Gold Edition

Dragon Lord European Edition:
There was a special edition of the Dragon Lord with a shortened tang on the bottom. The story that I heard was that certain European countries had laws against fixed blade knives with more than one blade. The long lower spike was considered a second blade so they shortened it.

Thanks to Dino Arias for pictures of a "Edge" version of the Dragon Lord. Around 1990-1995 United Cutlery had their onw special etching department and released several knives with special etchings such as "Edge" and "Hofritz".

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