Silver Shadow

Fantasy Series #: 1
Year Released: 1990
Length Overall: 12.5"
Blade: 7.5"
UC-441  Silver Shadow - Handle: Silver wire wrap
UC-441B  Black Silver Shadow - Handle: Black ABS with gold wire wrap
UC-441DS  Dark Shadow - Handle: Wood?

In 1993 United released the Silver Shadow II but it was not a part of the Fantasy Series. The Silver Shadow II  was actually the same blade and handle as the Silent Shadow but with a different guard and pommel.

Special Note:

There were two special collectors series of the first 7 fantasy knives released in 1995 or 1996 with matching serial numbers.  The knives all had black handles with gold wire wrap.

The "Collectors Series" set had blades with standard production finish and etched "Collectors Series One of 500". Each box had a small rectangular white sticker on the end with the serial number.

The "Signature Series" set had blades that were more highly polished and were etched with "Signature Series - First Production Run-1 of 250". In addition, each sheath in a set is hand signed and numbered by Gil Hibben in ink. The boxes have a small white rectangular sticker on the end that is hand numbered (in red ink). All numbers in a set match.

I have only seen one complete 7-piece set with matching serial numbers. It seems that most have been split up and scattered around.

Knives in the sets were:

  1. Silver Shadow
  2. Double Shadow
  3. Highlander Bowie
  4. Raven
  5. Raptor
  6. Warbird Dagger
  7. Warbird Bowie

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