Thunder Over Louisville 2007 - Air Show

All photos Copyright Mike Carter 2007 - All Rights Reserved

The twin engine A-10 "Warthog" jet fighter is known as the "tank killer".

F-15 Eagle

The "Heritage Flight" featuring a WWII P-51 Mustang, A-10 Warthog, F-16 Eagle and F-16 Falcon

Navy F-18 Hornet

The crowd is growing on a perfect day

L-39 Albatross built in Czechoslovakia

A pair of Marine AV-8 Harrier "Jump Jets"

Sky Soldiers UH-1 Corbra Attack Copters

The B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. This amazing aircraft has a wingspan of 172 feet yet is surprisingly quiet.

The low profile make it had to see in the sky and it is nearly invisible to radar detection.

UH-60 Blackhawk copters

The Belle of Cincinnati cruises upriver.

River rescue patrols keeps an eye on the activities

A CH-47 Chinook Helicopter stirs up the water

This huge copter is surprisingly agile

One of the largest military copters is the Navy CH-53 Sea Stallion

Big drifts of debris float by in the near-flood-stage river

Navy SH-60B Seahawk

The Coast Guard demonstrates plucking a swimmer from the water with a HH-65 Dolphin

The Coast Guard was also on hand on the water

One of the military's most important support aircraft is the huge C-130 Hercules

MC-130 Refueler

The big boy - The C-17 Globemaster with a 170 ft. wingspan

The Globemaster is used to fly the President's limo and other support vehicles.
Here it is on a wheels-down low speed flyover.

Here the Globemaster makes a high speed pass

A pair of AH-64 Apache attack copters

The F-16 Falcon returns with a full afterburner pass

The residents of a new high-rise condo building get a great view of the show

A-10 Warthogs

F-18 Hornets

The fireworks barges get onto position as the sun sets

The crowd keeps growing to an estimated 800,000 spectators

They give us a little preview of what is to come as the Bell of Cincinnati returns

It won't be long now before sunlight is replaced with firelight

The Trojan Horsemen in their T-28 Warbirds

Anticipation builds among the spectators

The peaceful river sunset will soon be broken by THUNDER


No, it's the famous Lima Lima aerobatic team night show in their T-34 Mentors

Arrowhead formation.
These are not jets. The T-34 Mentors are propeller driven.
Two of the planes are fitted with 250 watt landing lights that illuminate the smoke trailing behind.

Old Glory flies by beneath a helicopter

Bill Leff puts on a spectacular night demonstration in his AT-6 Texan advanced trainer.
The airplane shoots fireworks from it's wingtips.

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