New Gil Hibben United Cutlery Offerings in 2009

United Cutlery is bringing more of Gil Hibben's famous designs to the production knife line. Here is a sampling of what is now, or will soon be,  available.

First, the new annual knife is once again a beautiful sword, the "Valiant". This full size sword has a 26 inch blade and is 41 1/2 inches in overall length. It will be available in limited editions of 1400 autographed models with a hand signed scabbard (Model GH5020A) and only 900 gold models with a wall plaque (Model GH5021).

NEWS! I have just learned that there will be a special limited edition of only 300 DAMASCUS swords!

United has just introduced a production version of one of my favorite Hibben designs. The Hibben "Old West Bowie" (Model GH5013) is modeled after Gil's handmade Alamo Bowie. It is an impressive 14 inches overall length with brass guard and brass blade catcher along the blade spine.

Another exciting new offering is the reproduction of Gil's famous belt buckle knives. Two models will be available,  the GH5010 "Gentleman's Knife"

and the GH5009 "Survival" model.

United is also offering the belts to go along with them with a special design to sheath the blades.

United is also bringing back a couple of Gil's most popular models from the 1990s, the Silver Shadow (GH0441)

and the Double Shadow (GH0453)

United continues to offer a full line of Gil Hibben designed throwing knives and axes along with reproductions of his movie knives and others.

The "HTF Recon" (GH5001) is a copy of Gil's famous Elmer Keith Skinner that Gil designed for the legendary hunter back in the 1960s.

Another interesting offering is the GH5008 "Hibben III Combat Machete".

This is actually modeled after one of the prototype designs that Gil made for the 2008 "Rambo" movie but it was rejected in favor of the "Hibben IV" design that was used in the movie.

Of course United still offers the "Hibben III" model GH201 which is a 16 inch full size reproduction of the famous knife used in "Rambo III"

and recently introduced a smaller 13 inch version called the "Hibben III Fighter" (Model GH5005)

One of United's latest Hibben offerings is the Auto Assist Folder available with straight edge (Model GH5011) or partially serrated edge (Model GH5012). These high tech folders feature spring assisted opening and anodized aluminum handles. See my review of this knife HERE.

These are exciting times for United Cutlery and Gil Hibben fans. I am so happy to see United continue their long relationship with Gil and offering so many of Gil's designs at very affordable prices.

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