Highway Of Life

 Some people will say that life is fate with everything predetermined and regardless of what you do, you will end up at your “destiny”. Others will say that what you make of your life is entirely dependant upon the choices you make. I believe both. 

Life truly is a highway. You come to an intersection. You can turn left, turn right, or go straight ahead. If you turn left you might find your pot of gold or the love of your life. If you turn right, you might get hit by a bus. If you go straight ahead, maybe absolutely nothing will happen except you will come another intersection. And, all of this depends on the choice you make at that very moment. A moment later, the bus will have passed and so will the girl, or guy.

 Whichever decision you made at that last intersection had a direct bearing on which intersection you come to next, and when.

 Most of the time you will never know if you made the right choice and seldom will the same situation present itself again. So, you make your choice and go on. Don’t bother looking back and don’t make yourself crazy asking “what if”. Learn from your mistakes for they are the best teacher.

 Finally, appreciate every day. You never know what tomorrow will bring, or if there will be a tomorrow. There are a million ways to die at any moment, most totally out of your control. Don’t live in fear of that. Rather, live because of that. Cherish now. Appreciate today. Don’t leave things unsaid. Pick up the phone…. write a letter…. send an email. Tell someone those things you have always wished you had said. And tomorrow… do it again.

Happy traveling.


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