International Motorsports Hall of Fame

In May June of 2003, I visited the Talladega Super Speedway and the adjacent International Motorsports Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame  has an impressive collection of historic racing vehicles and racing memorabilia. 

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The Hall of Fame hall.jpg (41800 bytes)
Daytona Superbird Dodge Chargers superbirds.jpg (34579 bytes)
NASCAR "cutaway" car cutaway.jpg (52468 bytes)
Ford Flat Head flathead.jpg (59862 bytes)
Richard Petty #43 petty_car.jpg (45302 bytes)
Photo of Michael Waltrip's incredible crash at Bristol, TN mwaltrip_photo.jpg (41110 bytes)
Michael Waltrip's car that he crashed (and survived) and Bristol, TN mwaltrip.jpg (16921 bytes)
The legendary Fireball Roberts #22.  In 1962, this Pontiac won every race Fireball entered at Daytona Speedway  (six victories) and set a new speed record every time out. fireball.jpg (41941 bytes)
Interior of the 1962 Firebal Roberts #22 fireball_int.jpg (52575 bytes)
Bobby Allison's plane allison_plane.jpg (34753 bytes)
The Budweiser Rocket Car. This 39' speedster is powered by a 48,000 HP hydrogen peroxide rocket PLUS a 12,000 HP sidewinder missile. Stan Barrett was the first person to break the sound barrier on land when he drove this car 739.666 MPH (Mach 1.0106) at Ellis Air Base Dec. 17, 1979. bud_rocket.jpg (34241 bytes)
Another unbelievable wreck where the driver walked away. wreck.jpg (49447 bytes)
The world's fastest boat. fastest_boat.jpg (34403 bytes)
Me in the winner's circle at Talladega Speedway winners_circle.jpg (52939 bytes)
The front straight at Talladega Speedway finish.jpg (36552 bytes)
Me again mc_sign.jpg (16570 bytes)

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