I serve as the webmaster for several commercial websites. Until now, I have been a faithful customer and often recommended for registering domain names and other services. However, I just spent almost two maddening weeks trying to purchase a rather expensive SSL certificate from them before finally giving up in total frustration.

I think Bob Parsons has done a masterful job of building Go Daddy into a world leader as a domain registrar but he really needs to find some employees who are in possession of a brain.

As you may know, the purpose of a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is twofold. First, it encrypts personal information transmitted over the Internet so that it can only be read by the intended recipient. Secondly, it assures the consumer that the website they are using is indeed registered to, and operated by, the person, organization or business claimed. The latter is confirmed by generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from the hosting computer server and then sending identification and financial documents to Go Daddy who follow up with a  telephone call to verify documents.

I submitted my application for a particular website, and the application was denied, FOUR TIMES before I finally threw in the towel and admitted defeat in trying to deal with these morons. The problems were never about positive identification but rather it was about spelling or very minor discrepancies in the way the application was submitted. Any of these minor problems could have, and should have, been easily corrected and I repeatedly tried in vain to do so.

For example; the final straw was when the application was denied because the application listed the a city named "LaGrange" (one word). Go Daddy insisted that it was incorrect as it should have been listed as "La Grange" (two words) and therefore it could not be verified and was denied. I pointed out that United States Postal Service said that either way was acceptable but Go Daddy's response was "The Post Office is not the authoritative source for determining a municipalities name. We went to the city's official website and they show it as La Grange." So, Go Daddy does not recognize the opinion of the official US Government Postal Service but does put their faith in a website that can be created by anybody using whatever spelling they like.

In any event, any reasonably person with the ability to think should be able to figure out the "La Grange" and "LaGrange" with the same zip code MUST be the same locality. But Noooooooooo. They steadfastly refused to accept this as a possibility and insisted that I would again have to submit the application a 5th time and generate a new CSR for the website using "La Grange".

No thank you, Go Daddy. I have already wasted far too many hours assuming that your people are capable of understanding even the most basic, logical information. The Website in question has not accepted online orders for nearly two weeks while waiting for the SSL certificate to be issued.

My future recommendations will be "If you need to register a domain name, go to Go Daddy, but if you need a SSL certificate go somewhere else where they have representatives who are helpful and capable of making reasonable decisions". 



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