Gil Hibben Custom Knives

These pages are dedicated to one-of-a-kind custom knives handmade by Gil Hibben. Many of Gil's knives are made-to-order specifically for his customers. Others are knives that he made to sell at knife shows. Still others are special knives that he made to express his personal and artistic interests. And there are those that he made as a special gift or tribute to a friend. I am the very fortunate recipient of some of those very special knives. Many of his knives have been bought, sold, traded, and passed around among collectors for over 40 years. Others, such as the ones I own, will never be for sale.

The highest quality working and fighting knives. Works of art. Movie props. Investments. Collectors pieces. Special gifts. Gil's knives are all of these things. I have personally seen the amazing skill and care that he puts into the knives he makes. The hours of dedicated craftsmanship that molds a blank  piece of steel into a magnificent knife or sword that will be kept and treasured long after Gil has passed into the history books.

Over the last 50 years, Gil has put a lot of knives out there. And I am sure there are many more to come. Gil just celebrated his 70th birthday and there's no sign that he's going to slow down anytime soon. He is in his shop every day grinding, cutting and polishing.

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