The Adventures of Evel Knievel

OK, so what does Geocaching have to do with Evel Knievel? I'm glad you asked. One of the many ways that GeoCaching is played is to place a "Travel Bug" inside a cache. A Travel Bug is usually a small trinket of some kind that has a special unique number attached to it, usually in the form of a special dog tag. GeoCachers (Cachers) find the Travel Bug in one cache and then take it and leave it in another cache. They log where they retrieved the travel bug and where they dropped it off on the Web site and the Travels Bug's travels can be tracked through the use of it's serial number. Some travel bugs have been wandering around for years and have logged thousands of miles traveling all around the world.

So what the Hell does this have to do with Evel Knievel? OK, OK. I'm getting to that! At the height of his popularity in the 1970's there was a popular Evel Knievel action figure. I decided to use one as a Travel Bug and send him on his way to travel the United States (and beyond). So far, he has been to Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina, Sydney Australia, Jamaica and British Columbia. Fellow Geocachers have transported him over 29,000 miles so far and have sent back pictures of his adventures. Snapshots are posted below. Travel on Evel!

Update 07/06: Evel is currently somewhere in Iowa and has traveled 31,010 miles since he began his journey October 31, 2004.

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States Evel has visited are in red

Date Location  
10/31/04 Louisville, KY

Evel begins his journey

10/31/04 Louisville, KY

George Rogers Clark inspires Evel to go exploring

12/2/04 Sydney, Australia

Evel makes a quick visit to Sydney

12/4/04 Rittenhouse Square, PA
1/6/05 Lake Washington, WA
1/6/05 Nisqually Glacier, Mt. Rainier, WA
1/6/05 Hoe Rain Forest, WA
1/6/05 Seattle, WA

Must have been a hell of a party that night

2/1/05 Near Seattle, WA

Evel picked up a few fellow travel bugs

4/1/05 Puyallup River, WA
4/1/05 Near Seattle, WA

A visit to the BMX track looking for a bike. (He lost his a Snake River you know)

4/15/05 Seattle, WA

Tossing back a few

4/16/05 Seattle, WA

Now I'm starting to understand why he's staying in Seattle so long

4/16/05 Olympia, WA

Evel visits the State Capitol

4/16/05 Seattle, WA

Evel says his goodbyes and gets back on the road

5/21/05 Dexter, OR

"Do you mind if we dance wif yo dates?"

Outside the club featured in "Animal House"

6/5/05 Somewhere in Oregon
6/5/05 Traveling through Oregon
11/26/05 Traveling through Idaho
2/18/06 Oregon: Back to his glory days
3/06 Snake River Canyon. ID: He didn't make it 1974. Let's hope he has better luck this time.
3/06 Idaho
3/06 Hollywood, CA

On his way to Jamaica

3/06 Jamaica

Evel went with "KingDorks" on spring break in Jamaica.

4/9 Idaho To be continued....

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