The Cutting Competition
2007 Knifemakers Guild Show

The cutting competition was presented by BladeSports International .

The course consisted of 12 cutting stations:

  1. 2x4 Cut

  2. Dowel Cut

  3. Straw Cut

  4. Rope Noose Cut

  5. Vertical Water Bottle Cut

  6. 2" Rope Cut

  7. 6 Cans Cut

  8. 1" Rope Cut

  9. Stacked Wood Slabs Cut

  10. Tennis Balls Cut

  11. Paper Tube Cut

  12. 2x4 Cut

The Competitors were (in order):

  1. Eugene Shadley

  2. Jeremy Laughridge

  3. Ed Davidson

  4. Van Steck

  5. Jose Diaz

  6. Warren Osborne

  7. Mike Eubanks

  8. Scott Devana

  9. Gary Bond

  10. Ted Ott

  11. Gayle Bradley

The contestants are assigned to either the "White Level" group for newcomers and the lesser experienced competitiors or the "Red Level" for veteran competitors.

Eugene Shadley led off the competition

Jeremy Laughridge was up next

Jeremy cleanly sliced the water bottle in half vertically

The water bottle didn't cooperate with Ed Davidson

Ed took it out on the cans

Van Steck splits the water bottle

Joes Diaz slices the paper tube

Warren Osborne takes his turn

Mike Eubanks sends cans flying

Scott Devana makes short work of a 2x4

Gary Bond finishes the course

Ted Ott splits the water bottle

Gayle Bradley shows everyone how it's done

The Winners

Left to Right:
Mike Eubanks - 1st Place - White Level
Jeremy Laughridge - 2nd Place - White Level
Gayle Bradley - 1st Place - Red Level
Ted Ott - 2nd Place - Red Level
Warren Osborne - 3rd Place - Red Level
Jose Diaz - 3rd Place - White Level

Jose Diaz attempts to break the record water bottle cut with 19 bottles.
1st attempt

2nd Attempt

He did not break the record but it was an impressive performance anyway.

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