The 2007 Knifemakers Guild Show - Orlando, Florida

Here are a few pictures from the show. Since I held a table for the first time this year, I didn't have the opportunity to shoot as many pictures as I might have otherwise.

Once again the Knifemakers Guild Show was held at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Convention Center
on the the grounds of Disney World in Orlando, Florida

The Gala was held Thursday evening

Guild President Gil Hibben entertained the crowd playing the Rythm Bones

Our friends knifemaker Willie B. Ellis and his lovely wife Sue

Guests look over some of the knives

The Show Floor

Sal Glesser of Spyderco Knives and Knifemaker Guild President Gil Hibben

Gil Hibben debuts his "John Rambo" knife which be be seen in the upcoming movie

Van Steck at his table

Mike Tyson

Yours truly at my first knife show

My knives

New Guild member Ron Best won a well-deserved "WW Cronk Memorial Art Knife Award"
for the best art knife with one of his incredible integral designs.

Sunday was a day of seminars and the cutting competition

Gil Hibben presented a grinding demonstration on a Bader grinder

Click HERE to see The Cutting Competition

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