Blade Show 2008

May 30 - June 1, 2008   Atlanta, Georgia

Once again we visit America's premier knife show, Blade Magazine's Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, Georgia. If you have never been to the Blade Show, it features over 700 tables of knifemakers, manufacturers, suppliers, purveyors and collectors of knifes. There are also engravers, scrimshanders and anything else you can think of relating to knives.

For knifemakers like me, it is a haven of knifemaking supplies with dozens of vendors of steel, exotic woods, mammoth ivory, bone, horn, stag, mokume, brass, pins, tools, equipment and virtually anything a knifemaker might need.

Custom handmade knives are on display and for sale by a whos-who of knifemaking including some of the biggest names in knifemaking from around the world. All of the big name manufacturers are represented along with numerous smaller production knife companies. For collectors and enthusiasts, it is a huge three day block party that spills over into all of the surrounding hotels and restaurants in the evenings.

Here is a brief tour of this year's show. The large number of pictures may not seem so brief, but trust me, this is just a small part of the show.

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Did I mention that this is a HUGE show?

My first stop is always to visit my good friends Linda  and Hall of Fame fellow Kentuckian Gil Hibben

William Lloyd of Idaho Falls displays some of his incredible carved pieces

Todd Begg's creations

One of my favorite custom knifemakers is Ron Best of Stokes, NC. His fantastic integral designs just blow me away,

Kit and Teresa Rae

A huge crowd gathers as Tony Bose draws names for the opportunity to buy one of his knives. I spoke to one person whose name was drawn. He purchased a Tony Bose folder for $1250 and immediately received two offers of $2500 for the knife.

Tony Bose

As expected, the Busse Combat booth was crowded all weekend

John Jensen of Pasadena, CA displays his fantastic Damascus knives and rings.

Zaza Revishvili, formerly from the USSR and now residing in Madison, Wisconsin, is one of world's most accomplished filigree artists. He is well known for his amazing knife embellishments but he is also showing his new line of miniature Faberge' egg pendants.

Master smith Jay Hendrickson of Frederick, Maryland shows his beautiful inlaid knives and sheaths.

Bill Scagel's friend and former physician Dr. Jim Lucie is a knifemaker, author and leading authority on Scagel knives. Dr. Lucie makes Scagel style knives using original handle spacers and leathers from Bill Scagel's shop and using many of Bill Scagel's hand tools.

Kevin Harvey of Heaven Forge in South Africa.

Ken Onion gives a grinding demonstration in the courtyard. Congratulations to Ken for being inducted into the Blade Hall of Fame.

Daniel Crotts of Bob Dozier Knives demonstrates grinding.

Master smith Jon Christensen of Shepherd, Montana shows his amazing Damascus work.

Master Smith James Cook of Nashville, Arkansas

Master smith Shane Taylor from Miles City, Montana shows off his blued Damascus folder with 24k gold inlay and carved mammoth ivory handles.

R. L. Welling of Grand Haven, Michigan

Young C. J. Moll has been making knives for 4 years.

The Chris Reeve booth was popular.

A proud Shawn McIntyre received his ABS Master stamp and the B. R. Hughes award at the show.

Lin Rhea of Prattsville, Arkansas

Jay Hendrickson describes the action to the crowd as Tim Carr demonstrates forging.

Jerry Fisk

James Williams put on a great demonstration with Japanese swords.

Edmund Davidson debuts his new book "The Art of the Integral Knife" that he co-authored with David Darom. I had to pick up a signed copy of this one.

One of my main purposes for going to the Blade Show os to pick up knifemaking supplies. I love natural exotic wood for my handles. Here is some of what followed me home from Atlanta: Amboyna, pink ivory and a 13 pound block of desert ironwood.

I also scored some of my favorite wood, Australian Mallee.

I also stocked up on other exotic woods, steel, stag, buffalo hone, bone, reconstituted stone, and mosaic pins. For sheaths I picked up some buffalo hide, crocodile, ostrich, and lizard hide. I am anxious to these to good use in some unique knives.

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