Knifemaker's Guild Show 2009

Louisville, Kentucky

The 40th annual Knifemaker's Guild Show is going on in Louisville, KY Sept 19-20, 2009. This is a good one! Here is a quick sneak preview. I will be submitting a complete review to Blade Magazine so please be patient. Or, you still have time to come on out and see for yourself...

The President's Gala for Honorary Members of the Guild was held Thursday evening at the show hotel, the Seelbach Hilton. It was a fun evening of good food and hanging out with the knifemakers and collectors.

One of the perks of being an Honorary Guild member is the opportunity to buy from a special preview selection of knives before the show opens. If they choose to do so, Guild Knifemakers can select one knife, typically their best work, and set a price. Anyone wishing to buy the knife can put their name in the box. At a designated time, one name will be drawn from each box and the sale is completed. Honorary members can also enter the show one hour before it opens to the public on Friday.

Friday had a good crowd all day.

Around 135 knifemaker tables filled the room the Seelbach Hilton. The work on display and for sale is stunning.

A chip off the old block, Wes Hibben, son of Gil Hibben, came down from Anchorage Alaska. I hope he can forgive my drool on his sword.

Knives include everything from cool neck knives to the most elaborate high tech folders and art knives. Knifemakers from coast to coast, and few other coasts are there. Riccardo Mainolfi is Positano Italy.

There are plenty of our usual favorites too, like Larry Pridgen.

One of my favorites, Ronald Best, has started making folders in addition to his amazing integrals. As always, his work is something to behold.

That's all I can show you for now. I will be writing a full review for Blade Magazine in the near future.

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