NKCA Fall 2007 Show - Shepherdsville, KY

The attendance was light for the Fall 2007 show but they had about 160 tables of vendors.

The Kentucky Cutlery Association helped to put on the event.

Yes, that is an "Oupa" knife from Australia.

Scrimshaw artist Richard "HutcH" Hutchings displayed his 4 companion pieces to the SCAR Knives Randall Vietnam Commemorative knives. The set includes a desk plaque, belt buckle, SCAR miniature and a Jerry Bodner miniature all scrimmed with the same imaged as on the Randall Model 1 limited edition knife.

My table

Some shots around the show

Barry Carithers of Colorado brought in a nice assortment of vintage knives.

Fellow Kentuckians Ed Baumgardner and A.T. Barr were award winners

Ed Baumgardner of Glendale, KY won Best In Show

A.T. Barr of Nicholasville, KY won the Best Custom Folder award

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