2008 Blade Show Cutting Competition

Once again there was an enthusiastic crowd gathered in the courtyard at the Blade Show to watch the World Cutting Championship. This was the 6th annual World Cutting Championship and the first year that it was presented by Bladesports International.

Bladesports International sanctions a series of cutting competitions around the U.S. where competitors earn points toward the season championship. At then end of the season, the top 8 in points are invited to compete for the World Cutting Championship at the Blade Show in Atlanta, GA. This year, 7 competitors were able to make the event.

From left to right: Scott Devanna, Mike Eubanks, Donavan Phillips, Jim Crowell, Gary Bond, Steve Singer, Gayle Bradley.

Donavan Phillips led off the competition. Here he takes aim at a hardwood dowel.

Donavan slices a soda can cleanly in half.

Mike Eubanks chops through a rolling golf ball

Scott Devanna starts to work on a 2x4

Steve Singer goes after the rolling golf ball

A judge inspects Steve's blade after his turn on the course. If there is any damage the competitor can lose points or be disqualified depending on the severity of the damage.

Jim Crowell slices rings from a paper tube

Gary Bond chopping through a 2x4

Season points champion Gayle Bradley chops the 2nd 2x4 on this course.

When it was all over Gary Bond was the 2008 World Cutting Champion and received a custom belt buckle engraved by Diane Scalese. Gary also placed 3rd in 2008 season points.

Gary Bond's winning knife and his 2008 Championship belt buckle

Gayle Bradley receives his trophy from Bladesports International executive director Warren Osborne for winning the 2008 season points championship.

Warren Osborne presents Donavan Phillips with his trophy for placing 2nd in the 2008 season points.

It was another great competition enjoyed by all!


Look for my coverage of the Cutting Championship in the upcoming issue of Blade Magazine.

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