How Much Is A Billion?

I recently read an interesting discussion about a billion dollars. It came about from a discussion of Anna Nicole Smith's legal battle over her late husband's estate. It seems her "son in law" is fighting to prevent her from getting half of her late husband's $1.6 BILLION estate. It was pointed out that most people would be very happy and satisfied with a million dollars but the son can't do with $0.8 billion, he wants it all.

To put these huge numbers in perspective, the original writer (a very interesting chap named Tom from NY) offered this analogy, which I expanded upon a bit:

If you counted to one million, counting one number every second..... go ahead, I'll, two, three, four

Ok, it took you about 11.5 days, going 24 hours a day. You had better get some sleep now.

But now we are talking billion! Go ahead and start. Check back with me when you finish..... in 32 YEARS!

Of course all of this is nothing if you are talking about our government. They frequently toss around trillions of dollars. You're going to need to take your vitamins for this one because it will take you 31,710 years to count to a trillion. Good luck. Look me up when you are finished. We will probably have invented some new number by then. You know, inflation and all.


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