Cartertown Hall Of Fame And Shame

I am not Consumer Reports. I do not do exhaustive product research. These pages reflect honest pros and cons as experienced by myself, my family, and our readers.

Based on my first-hand knowledge and experience, I will post positive and negative experiences with businesses. 

If anyone gives exceptional product value, service, or otherwise excels in a business transaction, they earn a spot in the
Hall of FAME.

Likewise those who deliver less than advertised quality, value, or service wind up in the
Hall of SHAME.

I will accept like postings from you as long as I have no reason to doubt the validity of the claim. neither accepts nor claims any responsibility for for any postings found here other than those authored by the Webmaster.

If you wish to relate a good, or bad, experience with a business, service provider, or government entity, please feel free to submit your story to Selections will be posted at the sole discretion of the Webmaster.

FAME                 SHAME

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