Around Louisville, KY (My Hometown)

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Humana building, 5th & Main Streets Humana.jpg (42449 bytes)
Looking west on Market Street from 6th Street ky278.jpg (28519 bytes)
Looking NW from downtown. K&I railroad bridge and channel to MacAlpine locks. ky284.jpg (21067 bytes)
SW corner of 5th & Market. Notice old gun turret on top. ky291.jpg (46646 bytes)
5th & Main. Looking NW. ky293.jpg (29827 bytes)
The Bevedere on the Louisville waterfront on the Ohio River. The Kentucky Center For The Arts is in the left foreground. ky310.jpg (32830 bytes)
Looking west on Main Street for 6th Street. ky311.jpg (41135 bytes)
Looking east on the Ohio River from downtown Louisville. George Rogers Clark and Kennedy bridges. ky313.jpg (26389 bytes)
Twin Towers of the Galt House hotel, 4th and Main Streets. ky314.jpg (38816 bytes)
Looking west from 6th and Market. ky315.jpg (35858 bytes)
Looking SE from 5th and Market. The Aegon building in the foreground is the tallest building in Louisville. ky317.jpg (29433 bytes)
Looking NW on the Ohio River. In the distance beyond the railroad bridge are the Falls of the Ohio and the Hydroelectric dam. ky540.jpg (23072 bytes)
The new courthouse and jail at 7th and Jefferson. ky542.jpg (24266 bytes)
The louisville skyline viewed from across the Ohio River in Jeffersonville, Indiana. ky650.jpg (16309 bytes)
Louisville skyline from the Belvedere on the waterfront. The tall building in the center is the National City Bank tower. Lou.jpg (26650 bytes)
Looking NE from the observation deck on the 25th floor of the Humana building at 5th & Main Streets. lou3.jpg (30583 bytes)
Looking south from Market Street between 5th & 6th. The tall building is the PNC Bank tower. lou6.jpg (32066 bytes)
Sunset on the Ohio.
Looking west, downriver. The George Rogers Clark (2nd Street) bridge is in the foreground.
loubridge.jpg (28851 bytes)
The Clark bridge ablaze with fireworks during Thunder Over Louisviile. thun1.jpg (20349 bytes)
Another view of Thunder Over Louisviile with end-to-end fireworks on the Clark bridge. thun2.jpg (15515 bytes)
Two Queens.
The Bell of Louisville and the African Queen.
The Belle of Louisville is the oldest original sternwheeler still in operation.
The famous "African Queen" from the movie of the same name starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. afqueen.jpg (40435 bytes)
Aerial view of the Crescent Hill neighborhood in Louisville. Where I grew up. CH.jpg (48195 bytes)
The infamous Fountain. Donated by the Bingham family in 1988, it was eventually sold for scrap because it was too expensive to maintain and operate. fountain.jpg (16565 bytes)
Downtown Louisville viewed from the Belvedere.  louskyline.jpg (33291 bytes)
Downtown Louisville viewed from the Belvedere.  center1.jpg (147193 bytes)
The huge Galt House hotel. Note the twin rotating restaurants at the top which give a magnificent view of the Ohio River. galthouse.jpg (41659 bytes)
The rusty American Life insurance building on Main Street. It was designed to rust giving a "beautiful" bronze color. Whatever. rust.jpg (37392 bytes)
The Belvedere belvedere1.jpg (31403 bytes)
The Belvedere belvedere2.jpg (34241 bytes)
The Belvedere. Ahead is a statue of Geroge Rogers Clark pointing the way to the Ohio River. belvedere3.jpg (30791 bytes)
Lokking upriver (east) on the Ohio River. Note the "Belle of Louisville" and the "Spirit of Jeffersonville" steam boats. river1.jpg (30040 bytes)
Looking downriver (west) on the Ohio river. river2.jpg (20171 bytes)
Future site of the Muhammad Ali museum at 5th St. and River Rd. alimuseum.jpg (36165 bytes)
Another view of the Muhammad Ali Museum site. The building marked in the background was used in the movie "Stripes". stripes.JPG (33415 bytes)
Sunset on the Ohio river. river.jpg (77156 bytes)
The Crescent Hill Resevoir resevoir.jpg (31602 bytes)
Thunder Over Louisville 2006
Thunder Over Louisville 2006
Thunder Over Louisville 2006

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