Balloon Festival

Every September we have a balloon festival at Bowman Field here in Louisville, KY.  The event has grown considerably over the few years that it has been going on. It is a three-day event with balloon races on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and balloon glows Friday night and Saturday night.

In past years I have twice had the privilege of flying in the balloon races and it is an absolutely incredible experience to be up there surrounded by dozens of other hot air balloons. This year I did not fly but still very much enjoyed the spectacle from the ground.

Saturday night we enjoyed the balloon glow where the tethered balloons light up the night

Sunday morning we arrived at sunrise

The "hare" balloon takes off. The other 70-80 balloons will try to follow the flight of the hare balloon and drop a bean bag as closes as possible to a marker placed where the hare balloon lands.

The chase balloons begin inflating

And the race is on!

The balloons traveled east and landed in a semi rural area among some horse farms.

The horses didn't seem to mind

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