Hibben Knives Featured In TV and Movies


On a recent episode of the Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters" about pyramid power, when they needed a knife to slice open some apples, Adam Savage used a Hibben Double Shadow.









Millennium (TV)

Double Shadow

UC700 (Raven) / End of Season 1

Babylon 5 (TV) UC453 (Double Shadow)
Space Rangers (TV) UC453 (Double Shadow)
Crusade (TV) UC453 (Double Shadow)
White Dwarf UC453 (Double Shadow)
Sprite Commercial UC453 (Double Shadow)
America ’s Most Wanted UC453 (Double Shadow)
LEXX (TV) UC945 (Hibben Pro Folder)
Good vs. Evil (SciFi Channel) UC699 Dragon Claw (in credits)
X-Files (TV) Eagle Talon Dagger
The Crow – Stairway to Heaven (TV) 1999-2000 UC989 (Dragon Lord) *used in one episode (very good close up)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV) UC1169 (Jackal) used by Faith in 3 episodes – Buffy in 1 episode (2000)
Gladiator (not the Ridley Scott film) UC453 (Double Shadow)
Modern Vampires (Video) UC989 (Dragon Lord) in movie & on video cover
Star Trek Generations Modified Raven (UC700) knife used as a Klingon knife in several scenes. Also features as accessory for a Klingon toy from the film, by Playmates.
Star Trek – Deep Space Nine (TV) UC750 (Raptor) * used by Dax in 1 episode

Raptor (UC750) and Raven (UC700) shown on walls of Worf’s quarters (several episodes)

Natural Born Killers (Oliver Stone film) (UC627 Highlander Bowie ) * shown in slow motion, thrown by Woody Harrelson
Under Siege (Steven Segal) Hibben Thrower (also shown in Playboy magazine same year)
Mr. Nice Guy (Jackie Chan film) UC851 (Warbird)
Hideaway UC453 (Double Shadow)
Time Cop UC453 (Double Shadow) * prominently used in a fight scene by Van Damme
The Fifth Element (Bruce Willis film) UC453 (Double Shadow)
Spawn UC989 (Dragon Lord) *modified. Used in graveyard scene * in Spawn playset toy.
Star Trek – Nemesis (2002) UC1169 (Jackal)

Officially Licensed Knives
Rambo III UC201 – Bowie

UC245 – Dagger

UC246 – Mini Bowie

Rambo IV - 2008 GH5007-Hibben IV
Expendables Toothpick GH5019
Expendables Bowie GH5017


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