Gil Hibben Annual Series

(Also known as the Fantasy Series)

Updated 12/18/12

Many of the fantasy series were offered in unlimited edition (sometimes called First Production Run), limited (usually 5000) signature edition, and limited (usually 1000) gold editions. Some of the series were also offered in various handle styles (black, silver, gold wire wrapped). Some, such as the silver shadow were also offered with a dark blade (Dark Shadow). This page simply lists the series. To see the variations offered, see Hibben Line .

Note: Although not officially part of the fantasy series, there is also a Silver Shadow II which is a shorter version of the Silver Shadow and is actually the same blade as the Silent Shadow but with a different guard.

United Cutlery did not release an annual knife in 2006 or 2008. The original United Cutlery went bankrupt and closed down in November 2006. New owners re-started the company in 2008 and is continuing the Hibben line of knives including the annual Fantasy Series.

# Year Name Model Image My Status
21 2012 Cody Bowie GH5034A  
20 2011 Eclipse GH5023A Have # 346
19 2010 Valiant GH5020A Have # 139
18 2009  Dragon's Lair Sword  GH-5006 Have Gold # 0019
  2008 (No 2008 Knife)      
17 2007 Immortal GH-2040 Have Gold # 0041
  2006 (No 2006 Knife) ???? Click Here  
16 2005 Titan GH-2037 Have Gold #0523
15 2004 Centurion GH-2030 Have FPRA #0006 and Gold #0368
14 2003 Eye Of Drakonus GH-2025 Have Gold #0034
13 2002 Tiger Shark GH-2014 Have Signature #3936
12 2001 Scorpion GH-2009 Have Gold #0174
11 2000 Griffyn GH-2000 Have Signature #4338
10 1999


UC-1169 Have Signature #6035
9 1998 Odyssey UC-1115 Have Gold #0061
8 1997 Hornet UC-985 Have Signature #2675
7 1996 Dragon Lord UC-898 Have FPR, Gold, and European
6 1995 Warbird Dagger
Warbird Bowie
Have FPR
5 1994 Raptor UC-750 Have Signature
4 1993 Raven UC-700 Have Signature FPR and PROTO
3 1992 Highlander Bowie UC-627 Have Silver and Black
2 1991 Double Shadow UC-453 Have Silver and Black
1 1990 Silver Shadow UC-441 Have Silver, Black, and Dark Shadow

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