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This page is dedicated to news and information about Gil Hibben and Hibben knives.

10/31/09: I have updated the United Cutlery Hibben lines of knives. United has released some new items in the Hibben line. Click HERE for an overview.  I also wrote a review of Gil's new United Cutlery auto-assist folder.

3/28/07: United Cutlery's assets, including designs and trademarks, have been purchased by another company who intend to continue and expand the line of products which is likely to include the Hibben designs. It looks like good things are on the horizon for the United Cutlery brand but it will take some time get things tooled up for manufacturing and get products flowing to the market again. I'll keep you posted as information is available.

11/15/06: United Cutlery who manufactured the factory replicas of Gil Hibben designs has officially filed bankruptcy and closed. The contents of their warehouse have been sold to distributors and the warehouse has been sold. United is also in the process of selling it's sister company and knife manufacturing plant, Arrowhead, in Tennessee to a buyer who will re-tool for non-knife manufacturing. It has been reported that the United/Hibben 2007 / 50th Anniversary knife "The Immortal" was manufactured before United shut down and the knives were purchased by a distributor and are on their way to the U.S. from China.

8/5/06: Congratulations to Gil for being elected as the new President of the Knifemakers Guild AND receiving the prestigious Red Watson Memorial Friendship award. Way to go Gil!

5/06: Congratulations to Gil's son Derek on his engagement to Casssie.

5/06: Gil begins making his 50th Anniversary Knives
Gil has started making and is taking orders for his 50 handmade knives to commemorate his 50 years as a knifemaker. You can see pictures of this beautiful knife in the Hibben Custom Knives section of this web site.

2/27/06: "Official" Update from United Cutlery

February 27, 2006

TO: Mike Carter

Following a meeting at the most recent Shot Show with David Hall of United Cutlery brands and Gil and Linda Hibben, United is releasing the following statement:

"United is not discontinuing the Gill Hibben annual series. Phase 1 has run from 1990 to 2005. Phase 2 will begin in 2007 with the celebration of Gilís 50 Anniversary as a knife maker.


As a dealer and collector, you are a valuable part of the Hibben history and Gilís legacy. The initial press release announcing the kick off of the 50th anniversary celebration will appear in Cutlery, Outdoor and Lifestyle publications by midyear 2006. Additional details will become available as the year progresses. The official 50th anniversary party will take place at the 2007 Shot Show in Orlando, Florida, January 11 through 14, 2007."



Dave Staples


Images Group, Inc.

On behalf of United Cutlery


1/7/06: Hibben Fantasy Series 2006 Edition
It is with great disappointment that I must report that United Cutlery has decided NOT to release a 2006 edition of the Hibben Fantasy Series. This is a United decision and is not the wishes of Gil Hibben. United has had the prototype for the 2006 knife (a large dagger) for nearly a year and has simply decided not to put it into production. Those of us who are very disappointed in this decision should write to United Cutlery c/o Images Group, Inc (their PR and marketing firm) at ImagesPR@cs.com . We need to let them know how their customers feel.

1/7/06: Hibben 50th Anniversary Knife
United Cutlery is planning to release a special edition Hibben knife commemorating Gil's 50 years of knifemaking. I have no  details about the knife at this time other than it is scheduled to be released in late 2006 and they are planning a press release announcement sometime in February 2006. I hope this does indeed come true but after United's failure to release the 2006 fantasy knife, who knows?

9/2005: Special Edition Bronze Highlander Bowie
In September of 2005, Gil Hibben celebrated his 70th birthday. To commemorate this special event, he has produced 15 special limited edition Highlander Bowie knives for sale on Ebay. Gil chose 15 United Cutlery production models of the Highlander Bowie and personally resurface ground each knife, acid etched his logo back onto the blade, had the guard and pommel copper plated with a very nice bronze patina overlay, and had each one engraved with "Gil Hibben 70th Birthday Special Edition" and serial numbered xx of 14. Each one comes with a hand-made display stand autographed by Gil and serial numbered to match the knife. He only made 15 of these knives, one prototype (which sold for $700) and 14 replicas.

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