Hibben Timeline

1935    Gil Hibben born in Wyoming

1956    Seattle, WA: Discharged from Navy. Working for Boeing. Began making knives part-time. Sold first bowie for $45.

1964-1965    Sandy, UT: Began making knives full time. Began using 440C stainless steel. Some knives were marked "Ben Hibben" through a partnership in 1964. 1965 Hibben knife featured on the cover of "Guns and Ammo".

1965-1970    Manti, UT: Making knives under the Hibben name.  1968 designed Browning's original knife line.

1970    Springdale, Arkansas: Made knives here for about 6 months. No city or state on the stamp.

1970-1975:     Alaska

1975-1979: Silver Dollar City, MO. Resident knifemaker.

1979-1991: Louisville, KY: Making knives under the Hibben name. Also Charlton LTD. produced some Hibben Knives under contract 1988-1989 (small Damascus Rambo III Bowie). 1990 produced the Silver Shadow, the first of the annual Fantasy Series.

1991-Present: LaGrange, KY: Still making knives every day in his shop behind his house. His brother, Daryl, lives nearby and also makes knives in his own shop.


The Rambo III Knives

1988    United released the original Rambo III replica (UC-201), the Rambo III Dagger (UC-245), and the Miniature Rambo III (UC-246)

1988    Charlton LTD produced a Hibben damascus version of the miniature Rambo III.

1998    United released a special 10th Anniversary Edition of the Rambo III Bowie (UC-1162). The blade was etched with a "John Rambo" signature and it came with a special display plaque. 5000 were produced.

2000    United released the Rambo III Special Edition (UC-1238). The knife had a black wooden handle and came with a display plaque. The knives were serial numbered but I don't know how many were produced.

2008    United Cutlery released the "Hibben III" (GH-201) scale replica of the knife used in the movie "Rambo III".


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