What's New in Cartertown?

7/6/11: Copyfraud!

5/26/11: Cowboy Action Shooting!

3/7/2011: Added a page of my personal collection of Handmade Hibben knives and a behind the scenes look at the Expendables movie knives by Gil Hibben.

9/20/2010 Added photos and my review for the 2010 Knifemakers Guild Show

8/5/2010: Added a pictorial review of my trip to Alaska with Gil Hibben.

6/9/2010: Added a few pictures from the 2010 Blade Show in Atlanta, GA.

4/17/2010: Added a few pictures from the air show practice session for Thunder Over Louisville

2/8/2010: I dropped the forums on CarterTown. Not worth the trouble of dealing with the spammers and hackers every day.

1/23/2010: Finally added photos and review of the 2009 Knifemakers Guild show.

10/31/09: I finally got around to some much needed updates to the Gil Hibben United Cutlery knife pages. I added the 2010 annual knife (see Fantasy Knives) and several new models offered by United (see NEW Hibben/United). I also wrote a review of the new Hibben/United auto-assist folder.

10/23/09: Photo essay of 18th Century Fair

8/23/09: Another late addition: the 2009 Blade Show and World Cutting Championship

8/23/09: I just realized I never added the pictures from the 2008 World Cutting Championship.

1/27/09: Photos from January 27, 2009 Ice Storm

10/17/08: Added a new Photo of the Month. Updated the Hibben/United Cutlery Fantasy Series with new photo of the 2009 sword "Dragon's Lair"

10/14/08: Updated the Rambo Knife Comparison with a United Cutlery factory production knife.

9/20/08: Updated the Hibben Knife Line and the Hibben Fantasy Series list. Also added a new Photo of the Month.

9/14/08: Hurricane Ike hits Kentucky

8/23/08: Review of the Boker / Pohl Kalashnikov 74 Automatic knife.

8/23/08: Added a look at the Paragon/Hibben Automatic Knife

6/25/08: Knifemakers Guild Show is moving!

6/23/08: Updated my Celebrity Photo page. Added new Photo of the Month.

6/6/08: Added photos from the NKCA 2008 Spring Knife show in Shepherdsville, Kentucky

6/4/08: Photos from the 2008 Blade Show

5/20/08: Completed my comparison and review of the Rambo IV Replica Knives.
Added a new
Photo of the Month.

5/11/08: Deceptive Advertising

5/7/08: The Great Steamboat Race! I also belatedly added some pictures from Deals Gap (Tail of the Dragon) and the Cherhola Skyway in Tennessee and North Carolina.

4/30/08: Updated the Rambo Knives page. Added a look at the Bows used in the Rambo movies.

3/16/08: Added comparison of the Rambo III replica Knives.  Added a new Photo of the Month.

3/9/08: Added snow pictures.

3/4/08: Take a close up tour of a WWII B-17 Flying Fortress

1/2/08: Some general updates and maintenance. Added Hollywood Collectables and Master Cutlery to the SHAME list.

11/18/07: Add some miscellaneous images of Fall Colors

10/29/07: Photos from the NKCA Fall Show in Shepherdsville, KY

10/13/07: Added Photos from the Knob Creek Fall Machine Gun Shoot

10/7/07: Added photos of the Balloon Festival and a little more editorializing.

8/12/07: Over 250 pictures from the 2007 Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, KY

8/1/07: Pictures from the 2007 Knifemakers Guild Show and Cutting Competition in Orlando, Florida

7/24/07: See Gil Hibben's new "John Rambo" knife in the History of the Rambo Knife

7/27-28, 2007: Having joined the Knifemakers Guild, I will be showing and selling my handmade knives at the Knifemaker's Guild Show in Orlando, Florida.

7/22/07: Added the History of the Rambo Knife

7/5/07: Added 4th of July celebration photos

6/11/07: My pictures from the 2007 Blade Show!

4/24/07: Updated My Hibben Custom Knives page.

4/22/07: Thunder Over Louisville pictures!

4/20/07: New Photo of the Month and added a page with some neat Helicopter pictures.

4/18/07: Gun Control in Editorial Page

4/6/07: Remembering John and Buying American in the Editorial page.

4/2/07: Unfortunately, I had to add GoDaddy.com to my Hall of Shame.

3/28/07: Made an extensive update to the website. Fixed the broken link to the Forums. Redesigned the home page to load faster. Trimmed out some old stuff.

3/14/07: Added pictures from Daytona Bike Week 2007

2/25/07: Added some photos to Schrade Knives

2/8/07: Added a page about the National Knife Museum. Added photos to M Carter knife photography. Added photos to Hibben custom knives.

1/10/07: Updated the Knifemaker Hall of Fame. Added some Schrade knife Photos.

1/6/2007: Addition to the Editorial page. Added Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame.

1/4/2007: Update the main knife collecting page . Added the beginning of the new Knifemaker Hall of Fame. Added new photos to the professional knife photography pages.

12/28/06: Added new Smoky Mountain Gallery and new Carter Knives photos

12/21/06: Added new photos to Hibben Custom Knives and Carter Knives. New Photo of the Month

11/05/06: Added new pictures of Hibben custom knives - Hibben Customs

11/1/06: Updated the Exxon saga - see Exxon.

10/9/06: Added a few photos of Gil Hibben at work - Gil at Work

10/4/06: Added pictures to Hibben Class Knives. Added Fendley Knives to featured custom knifemakers. Added photos to Hibben Knifemaking Classes page. Added new Photo Of The Month.

9/21/06: Added pictures of my latest handmade knife to the Carter knives Gallery

9/1/06: Added "The Flower" to the Editorial page.

9/1/06: Added pictures from National Muzzle Loaders Spring Meet in Friendship, Indiana.

8/06: Added pictures of Hibben "Immortal"

8/16/06: Added pictures of Carter knives.
Carter Knives

7/11/06: Updated knife photography pictures and separated in to multiple pages for better performance.
Knife Photography

7/9/06: Added a couple of new pictures of Cody.

7/4/06: Added new photos of Gil Hibben Custom knives.
My Custom Hibben Photos

6/25/06: Added several more pictures from the Blade Show in Atlanta.
Blade 2006

6/20/06:  Added Pictures from the 2006 Blade Show in Atlanta, GA.
Blade 2006

6/14/06: Added new pictures to my knife photography pages.
See: Gallery\ProfPhoto\Knife_Photography.htm

5/21/06: Updated the Hibben Knives pages. See Gil's new limited edition 50th Anniversary Knife!
Hibben Knives

4/17/06: Added Cartertown Message Forums
See: Cartertown Forums

3/19/06: Added pictures from Bike Week 2006 in Daytona, FL
See: Bike Week 2006

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